When I sat down with Krystle to design her wedding she made a couple of key points that went something like this:

A.  “I hate flowers.  I like greens….but I don’t like flowers.”

B.  “I want a lot of candles….I want the room to look like it threw up candles!”

C.  “I want my primary color to be black, it’s my favorite color.”

D. “But elegant and classy!”

As her mother and grandmothers jaws dropped to the floor…..my eyes LIT up!  Something unique, different, but still so beautiful.  I could not wait to design this wedding with her!  There were so many special elements at this event.  It was SO Krystle and Corbin!

The Ceremony: One of my favorite set ups that I have done.  Classic and elegant.  An arch draped with all greens across the top, floating crystals, mirrored columns, white candelabras, and of course candles…..lots of candles!  Each of the bridesmaids got to pick out their own dress with the only rules being black and long.  They all looked STUNNING!  The green bouquets just made them all pop and look so naturally beautiful!  It all just blended so well together!


She surprised him with the Star Wars theme song on their way back up the aisle. Definitely a cause for some smiles 🙂

Love was definitely in the air that day! And not only between Krystle and Corbin…Krystle’s sister, Nicole, could be put up for a sister of the year award. She upgraded the dance floor to a white seamless AND surprised her sister the day of with extra draping in the reception room. Add some uplighting and voil’a….pure beauty and romance!

One of my favorite elements was the wishing chandelier we used instead of a guest book. I hung a chandelier in the courtyard entrance and made small business card sized cards out of different pictures from the couples engagement shoot. Guests were asked to write well wishes and sign the back and hang them on the chandelier. Their guest book was turned into a beautiful decor piece.

The CAKE! Loved the cake. Elegant, stunning, and pulled all of the elements of the wedding that were so Krystle all together!

The Sweetheart Table Backdrop. We went back and fourth on this element quite a bit. The original idea was a ladder with shelves. It was Krystle’s desire to have pictures of her relatives and loved ones on their wedding days sitting behind them! How CUTE is that?!?!?! But a ladder…..to casual for this layout. So I came up with the circle arch! Hit up Home Depot for a coupe of shelves, painted everything to match, and dressed it up with some greenery. Beautiful backdrop for a beautiful couple!

The Shoe Game! One of the most entertaining parts of the night…they played a shoe game! Both the bride and the groom took off their shoes. Each held one bride shoe and one groom shoe. The DJ made a series of statements created by a couple of the bridesmaids.
Who is more likely to go on a shopping spree?
Who is more likely to binge watch Game of Thrones?
They had to hold up either the brides shoe or the grooms shoe as to who they thought each statement pertained too…bride or groom….heal or dress shoe. Most they were in sync with, some they were not. The guests were cracking up!

Dance Floor Centerpiece! I love a good hanging piece over the dance floor. For Krystle, of course, all greens with hanging Krystle’s. She really like the scattered look and not perfect in shape. It looked amazing above that white dance floor with the white draping all around the room.

So many amazing pictures, captured by Kinsey Mihre with Kinsey Mihre Photography in a brilliant way!