Hi All!  Welcome to my BLOG and thank you so much for taking the time to read and follow me!  For my first post, I would like to take a little time to introduce who I am, what it is I do, and my intentions with this blog.  Welp, here we go!!!

LOVE:  I LOVE all things beautiful!  Pretty much, anything that make me happy or the people around me.  This portion could cover a wide range of topics: beauty tips, local hot spots, decor, party spots, etc.  All the fun stuff!

MARRIAGE: Dual fitting.  I am a certified event planner and florist in Southern California.  I single handedly started Desiree Carol Special Events almost a decade ago.  Weddings are my passion!  I love helping peoples dreams come true on one of the biggest days of their lives!  Stressful, at times.  Rewarding, ALWAYS!   Secondly, I am married!  My husband, Mark, is a fire fighter for LA City (That is him proposing on the right…I know….score!!!)  On top of that he is my best friend, smart, funny, and I may be a little biased….but super handsome as well!  I will never forget the day my husband proposed to me! “I think there is a fire!!!!” my Mom yelled!!??????? .

I remember wrapping presents on Christmas Eve and running outside to the 3rd story balcony of my parents house in mens winter long john pants with a massive hole in the crotch, an old white cami, and with my tea cup yorki-poo, Tini, tucked under my arm thinking there was a fire at our house! In my defense, the entire block was surrounded by fire trucks with sirens blaring! When I stepped outside, there was my dad on the balcony across from me, with something fairly large tucked behind his back. Calm, collected, smiling….ooo how I miss that smile! ? My freak out moment all of a sudden turned into confusion. Then I turned to the street, and there was MY GUY! ????Kneeling down on one knee and being shot up to my balcony on a hook and ladder! .

Hair not done, little-no makeup on. My mom pops out of the sliding door, grabs the dog, and throws that sweater pictured on me! Thank god!!! Long enough to cover up that huge hole in my pants and old cami ?

If you hadn’t guessed by now, my dad was holding a camera behind his back. And just this year I was told that he predicted a proposal around the corner, and borrowed that deluxe camera from his best friend to capture the moment! ??

Little did I know that this miraculous event would not only lead to the wedding of my dreams, me becoming a wife, mother, and all of the fabulous things that come with saying “I DO!” But it was also this event and my journey to the aisle that shifted my mindset to turn a hobby that I truly loved and was passionate about into a business!

BABY CARRIAGES:  I think you can guess where this one is going….yep…I am a mommy!!!  I have two adorable children aged 2 and 4 currently.  Mason, my oldest, is  a horseback riding, animal loving, piano playing stud.  Charlee Joy, my youngest, is a total girly girl!  You will constantly catch her with a purse on her shoulder and a pair of moms shoes or jewelry accessorizing an outfit.

So in a nutshell, that is me!  Des.  I am a self employed mommy of two!  And I have quite a few tricks and tips up my sleeve!  So thank you in advance for following my blog!